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Data protection policy

1.   SHANKLIN SANDOWN ROWING CLUB Policy Statement with respect to Data Protection Act 1998 (UK)


SHANKLIN SANDOWN ROWING CLUB is a registered sports charity organisation affiliated to the Hants & Dorset Amateur Rowing Association and a member club of British Rowing with Community Amateur Sports Club Number  02412 tax ref CH04914 and is a non profit organisation run by and on behalf of its members in accordance with its constitution.  The Club is exempt from registering as a Data Controller with the Information Commission’s Office because it only processes information necessary to establish or maintain membership or support, to provide or administer activities for people who are members of the organisation or have regular contact with it, does not share the information with other people or organisations except as approved by its members for competitive racing purposes and only keeps the information while the individual is a member or supporter or as long as necessary for member/supporter administration.


Member Records:  The Society maintains records pertaining to its Members.  The records comprise Members’ names, home addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and such medical information as is relevant to the sport of rowing and has been disclosed by members on their application forms.  We keep records of payment made by Members in the form of subscriptions.  None of this information is divulged to other Members without express permission of the Member concerned.


The Secretary would normally be the primary processer of the information but from time to time other designated Club Officers (as may be agreed upon by the club committee) may undertake tasks to enable the proper running of the club.  The other designated Club Officers who have access to this information and may undertake tasks under controlled processes are, the Chair, Treasurer, Captain and Coaches and Club Committee members as considered necessary.


No personal information is divulged to any other organisation for any purpose whatsoever except where names only are required for racing entry purposes.  Members’ details are held on one or more computers.  These belong to the designated Club Officers carrying out the necessary duties or tasks described. Any computer will be password protected and have installed up to date anti-virus software.  The computer when not in use will be kept within a secure environment.  A back up copy may be retained on a memory device (e.g. memory stick) by one of the designated Club Officers and held in a secure environment.  In the event of failure of the primary device, the data may be transferred (via the back-up device or email) to be used by one of the designated Club Officers until such time as it can be reinstated.


2.   Shanklin Sandown Rowing Club Personal Information Statement


Within this document the term Contact Details is used to mean your email address, postal address and telephone numbers.


The information we collect about you.


We only collect basic information from you to establish you as a member.  This will be your name and Contact Details and limited medical information in relation to your safe undertaking of the sport of rowing. This information is taken from your membership application form (or your written instructions).  Some basic payment details will also be retained.


We do not collect information about you for use on a website.


Any information collected remains confidential until it is destroyed when no longer needed.


How we use your information:


We use your information to identify you to create and manage your membership account, to communicate to you by your Contact Details and to advertise our events and meetings.  We may also endeavour to contact you using your Contact Details in the event of a cancellation or change to an event or meeting.


How we share your information.


Your personal information will not be shared with any person outside the Club without your consent.  No personal details are divulged to any other organisation for any purpose whatsoever except as name only for competition events already approved in your membership application form. Medical information will only be released to anyone assisting in a medical condition as considered necessary by a responsible Club officer.


Giving or changing your consent for us to use your information.


You must give us consent every year by renewing your membership subscription.  You may change or withdraw this consent at any time.  To do this  please contact the Treasurer, Secretary or any member of the committee (who will accept details and pass them on).  Our contact details are found on the Club’s Notice Boards and on all regular circulars issued to members and on the Club’s website.


How to review the information held by us.


Should you wish to know what information we hold about you or amend any error, please submit a request to the Secretary or any other member of the committee by email or in writing.  The law requires us to provide you with this information or rectify any errors within one month.


17 May 2018 

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