Huge Success at IWRF Junior Indoor Rowing Championships

A similar event had been held previously in the year. So as not to congest the early months of next year, the event was moved to December. It was once again held in the lounge at Ryde Rowing Club. An excellent venue for what turned out to be some outstanding racing.The events featured three rounds. The first a longer, timed piece to see whom could cover the most distance. With J12s doing two minutes, and then an increase of one minute per year (J17 event contested over 2000m). The second was a 50m sprint, with the best average split time winning. The final individual event was a 250m event, where the best time would win. Points were awarded for each event and then an overall winner decided. The individual events would be followed by a names out the hat team relay.The first event for Shanklin were their J14 boys. Joe Robertson looked to retain his title from the previous event, whilst Liam Nigh featured in his second event for Shanklin, and first on the Ergos. They finished their first event, the four minute timed piece, with a 1-2 finish, with Joe winning and Liam rowing excellently into second place. They went onto mimic this in the next two events, resulting in Joe winning overall, whilst Liam took second place, an excellent performance from both.

The next Shanklin event was the J15 girls. Shanklin had the soul four entries into the event. Amber de Landro had won in the previous event, whilst Sophie Swallow looked to better her second place, and Hannah Cusworth her third. Rebecca Nigh looked to gain a good placing of her own, having not competed in the previous event. After their five minutes timed event, Amber won convincingly whilst Hannah took second place and Rebecca took third. Then came the sprint events. Amber won both of these, but the competition was far more fierce in these events. Rebecca and Sophie had a close sprint to second in the 250m and it was much the same in the 50m, where all three fought out closely for second place. The eventual overall standings were a first place for Amber, with Hannah and Rebecca taking joint second, and Sophie took third (just one point off the second placed girls!)

Then came the most popular event of the day for entries. The three Shanklin rowers, Harry Miselbach, Sam Mabey and Will Allsop faced seven other rowers in their events. In the five minute timed event, Harry stormed to victory, with a distance unmatched by some distance. Will rowed excellently to take fifth place, with Sam (who had just recovered from a broken arm!!) took eighth. In the sprint events Harry once again took the two victories, whilst Will fared well, taking a third and a fourth. Sam too fared better in these events, taking a fifth and a seventh. The overall standings left an unbeaten Harry in first, Will in an excellent fourth and the still recovering Sam in a well earned seventh.

Another souly Shanklin event was the J16 boys event, where Joe Murray, Harry Hopper and Henry Gove (in his first event for Shanklin) faced each other, in what turned out to be the closest event of the day. In the six minute event Harry Hopper shot into an early lead, which took its toll as Joe reeled him in, in the final minute. Henry and Harry had a close race to second, with just seven metres in it, with Harry just taking it. In the sprint events, it was an intensely close affair. In the 50m Harry took the win, with Joe in second and Henry in third. This meant that it was all down to the 250 metres to decide the overall winner. In a very close race, Harry once again took the win, with Henry in second and Joe in third. This left the final standings with Harry in first, Joe in second and Henry in third. But with just three points separating them all, the standings were trivial in comparison to their excellent and equal performances.

Shanklins final individual event was the J17 boys, where Alex Robertson faced just one rower, from Ryde. His event was slightly different in that he had to race across a 2000m distance in the shortest possible time, as oppose to a timed piece. The sprint events were the same as the other age groups. In the 2000 metres, Alex took a convincing victory over the Ryde rower of over thirty seconds. In the sprint events however it would prove to be a far closer affair. In the 50 metres, despite completing it in the same time, a slightly lower average split from Alex saw a very slight victory. In the 250m Alex made it a clean sweep, but only after winning by just a second.

The final event was the name out the hat team relay where most Shanklin rowers competed, alongside rowers from Ryde and Newport. It was an excellent team building and bonding exercise, as well as a physical one. The teams proved also to be very fair, as only twenty seconds separated first and last. An excellent way to finish a fantastic championship.

The day was once again made a success, a success that would not have been possible without the excellent venue at Ryde Rowing Club and the coaches of the IWRF. A special thankyou goes out to Stuart Johnson, who provided the software to allow for the big screen race display, and also the tedious recording of data!

Shanklins dominance of the event once again showed strength and depth to the Shanklin squad, especially considering its depleted numbers. The squad now look forward to a few months of uninterrupted training before the national event in march.