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Shanklin Regatta 8th June 2015

The next day was Shanklin Regatta and the first race of the day saw our under 16 year old cadets compete in the J16 Boys & J16 Girls mixed event.

The girls crew of Juliette Wrixon, Sophie Swallow, Daisy Faithfull, Amber De Landro(Stroke) rowed an excellent race displaying very good technique and finished second behind winning Poole boys crew. The Shanklin boys crew of Jan Wrede, Andrew Swallow, Lewis Jenkins, Jamie Gamble (Stroke) took 3rd place in their first ever race in this crew.

The men’s Junior Four 'A' crew qualified again for their final. In the Final race they were looking at a win when 500 metres from the finish line the race was stopped as another crew had a collision on the buoy turn (BTC and Southsea) where one Southsea man was knocked out of the boat. The race was then re-rowed and the BTC crew took the win over the Shanklin crew which was unfortunate as the Shanklin crew had put in a tremendous effort to win the initial race.

The Men’s Novice Four 'A' crew of Jaimey Wain, Jamie Gamble, Henry Gove, Henry Mudge (Stroke) and Garry Walters (cox) rowed a superb race with an excellent buoy turn challenging for a win but just finished behind winners Westover to take 2nd place.

The Men’s Novice Four 'B' crew of Jan Wrede, Stefan Drews, Andrew Swallow, Lewis Jenkins (Stroke) and John Forrest (cox) struggled to keep up with the competition and missed out on a podium finish.

The Senior Pair crew of Alex Robertson and Joe Murray had another challenging race but this time came in at 3rd place which is a good achievement.

Alex then raced again at Senior sculls and had a better performance coming in at 3rd place.

The J16 single scull race saw 16 year olds Rebecca Nigh & Hannah Cusworth compete in their final of the day. They both rowed well but were eventually beaten to the finish line by a BTC girl. After a slight collision between the two, Rebecca took second place and Hannah took the 3rd spot.

Success eventually came for Shanklin when Novice sculler Joe Murray pulled out all the stops and forged his way through the opposing crews to cross the finish line and take the win over the 2nd placed BTC sculler this was Joe's first win of 2015.

All crews look forward to the next regatta in two weeks at Woolston.