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Riley and Ethan earn Wessex place!

Shanklin have in recent years endeavored to support the Wessex British Rowing region in their annual event at the Junior Inter Regional Regatta in Nottingham at the end of Easter. An event that comprises J14/15/16 events in everything from the single scull to an Oct Scull, the coaches pick the best crews from the region to represent Wessex at the event. This year, Riley Horrix and Ethan Walters were aiming to gain their spot in the double scull event.

Despite the duo both only being 13, they were paired against a crew from Itchen to race off for the all important spot on the starting position in the J14 2x- at Nottingham.

Having to row off in the morning of the Southampton Coastal Fours Head, the pair arrived at Itchen Imperial to find the water was not too unfamiliar as a nasty wind swept across the mouth of the River Itchen.

After Itchen coach Chris Foad rightly suggested it would be safer if the crews rowed up river to find better water, Riley and Ethan rowed over 4 kilometers just to get to the start! This didn't phase them on the start line on the Coalporters regatta course however, as they enjoyed a strong start. With both crews having a strong race it was first and foremost a fantastic display of the talent within our region, however, it was indeed the Shanklin boat that evetually had the better of the two rows and earned the spot at Nottingham!

The boys went on to row up the course even further later in the day as they then competed in the J14 Mixed Quad Scull event - they earned themselves a few days off that's for sure!

The boys now look forward to training for JIRR which is on Saturday 22nd of April, we all wish them the best of luck!

Photo Credit: Jane Maxwell (BTC Rowing Club)

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