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Weybridge Ladies try hands at coastal rowing!

Shanklin Sandown Rowing Club were paid a visit by members of Weybridge Amateur Ladies Rowing Club last weekend, as the group tried their hands at some coastal rowing! Before visiting the Isle of Wight, the group of ladies had got in touch and asked if they'd be able to give our slightly different take on slide seat rowing a go, we were more than happy to oblige!

With all of the ladies used to the slightly calmer water of the Thames, the expanses of bumpy water might have been a put off to many, this wasn't to be the case however as they all embraced coastal rowing culture and plowed into the cold waters of the bay!

Kindly looked after by Senior Sculler and Oarsman Joe Evans Murray in the coxswains seat, the ladies all really enjoyed their time on our less than perfect water, which for the most part of the visit behaved itself!

We'd like to thank the ladies for coming down to Shanklin and braving the elements of a cold day to enjoy (we hope!) a different side to rowing that coastal clubs like Shanklin has to offer!

We'd finally add that if there is any other club out there that like the look of rowing on the sea then feel free to use our contact box to get in touch!

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