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Continued Rotary support gratefully recieved!

Shanklin Sandown Rowing Club have long had a strong relationship with Shanklin Rotary Club and 2017 has proved to be no different.

For the fourth year running, members of the rowing club helped Shanklin Rotary with their annual chairty sale in January.

The sale, held at Lower Hyde Holiday Park is a large source of the Rotary clubs annual income and takes place over a two week period. With the cascades of donations every year to the charity sale, the rotary club need bodies to go around making collections in vans and unloading and sorting items at the holiday park - which is where our club members come in!

Helping across both collection weekends and the clear day following the end of the sale, many rowing club members made a valued contribution to the sale once again this year.

Whilst we know that our club members would be happy to give up their time to an organisation that has historically strongly supported the club regardless of reward, the help this year has paid dividens, with Shanklin Rotary donated £2500 to the club.

We would like to thank the Rotary club for their generous and continous support across the years which noteably included a donation that made up a large proportion of our boathouse project a few years a go.

We very much look forward to helping at the 2018 sale.

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