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Congratulations SSRC!!!

Letter from Ken Pardey,

a Vice President of SSRC.

Hello Ian,

I know that I am a non rotarian, but I thought that I would drop you a line asking you to pass on my personal congratulations to both the young crews, their parents and your club officers for their help over the three weekends of the shop.

They all worked really hard during the pick ups and clear out, and did so with a sense of purpose and fun. Without their help it would have been difficult if not impossible to have everything ready for Tuesday. It is a great example of young people participating in helping their community and their club....and having fun doing it! As did your club officers and the young peoples parents. In my experience parents normally drop their children off at their clubs and breathe a sigh of relief that someone else is going to destract them for a time ,SO, it's great to see them taking part with such commitment and enthusiasm as

did your team of club officers ...even though some are even older than me!!

All in all I sensed a great team spirit in the club which was great to see in operation.

Ken Pardey

Congratulations everyone !!