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Shanklin to Scotland!

Shanklin Sandown Rowing Club embarked on a long journey to Glasgow, Scotland, for this year’s edition of the British Junior Rowing Championships, which marks the culmination of many of the athletes' racing season.

Carter Horrix & Louis Sheasby continued their impressive season by taking the Bronze medal in the J15 Doubles event in a highly competitive field. In addition, they both competed in the J15 Single Sculls event the following day, both racing in the B-final, with Louis winning and Carter coming 4th (7th and 11th overall respectively)

Shanklin’s good results continued with Fred Giemza-Pipe achieving 3rd in the D-final of the J18 Single Sculls, which placed him a respectable 21st overall, and Frances Katirewa finished 8th in the E-final of the Women’s J18 Single Sculls, placing her 40th overall. Frances then teamed up with Esme Walters for the Women’s J18 Double event, where they had a strong time-trial and finished 40th overall. For some members of the squad, the focus now turns coastal in preparation for the South Coast Rowing Championships in early September.

The club would also like to thank Lee Sheasby, of Evolution Building Contractors, for generous sponsorship of the trip, and his continued support.

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